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  • This creative space is dedicated to my father, Tom Anderson, who was a wonderful landscape and portrait painter, deep thinker, eloquent writer, catcher of big fish, music lover and peacemaker.

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  • The Collective - 12 Days of Art & Ideas @ Artscape Triangle Gallery December 2-14, 2010.


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I am a Toronto-based Mixed Media Artist and Painter drawn to creating funny, sometimes pensive or reflective narrative art geared to both children and adults. My work tends to explore the psychology of people, and I like to push social boundaries a little bit. I enjoy crafting interesting compositions by interweaving layers of texture, line work and vibrant colour, completely by hand. Even though I am quite meticulous when it comes to making art (and cleaning my home!) I allow a few frays and mishaps here and there. I find this adds charm and character and make my characters and the worlds they live in more genuine, identifiable and lovable. Drawn to puppet theatre and old Vaudeville images, my Mixed Media pieces tend towards a 3D effect which, incidentally, work wonders for the giclee print reproductions I sell in my Etsy shop. I am presently coming off of Maternity leave with my first child, and building a studio in my home. I am also currently taking on commissions. I can be reached at piper.t.anderson at gmail dot com.